Monday, April 28, 2008

left side of backyard... (click on the pics to get a bigger version)

left side starts with sage (top left), marigolds, nasturtiums (center), african daisy (front)...


broccoli lined up in a row with my strawberries in front, and more nasturtiums in front of that

the cage is surrounding some grape tomatoes that i made the newbie mistake of planting it too early in the ground (the cold weather last week almost killed hoping for continuously better weather from here on out). There is basil (top left - cold is also killing this one) and thyme and more marigold. bell peppers and jalapenos are planted in the top right...still small.

lavender bush with garlic planted to the left and red and yellow onions planted to the right

more of the onions, california popppy (center top), carnation

hibiscus and sweet 100 tomato plants
my european sugar plum tree. it supposedly is the same type of plum tree that was growing outside of where i used to work in Germany. it made GREAT plum cake. i just need some plums...

this is the back part of my garden (along the back fence). i have squash (zucchini-type) and some more growing in the peat pots, including some sugar snap peas

this is the soybean patch (shironomai type) with more growing in the pots.

these are japanese cucumber. i have to plant it next weekend.

and here is our modest vineyard. closest is a merlot grape and the other is a concord grape. the two small plants in the front are african daisies.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

closest patch is some sugar baby watermelon i planted (from seed) this past weekend. the far tree is something i have been searching for for about 2 months now...

its an all-in-one almond tree! "all-in-one" meaning that it is self-pollinating and its considered a dwarf compared to other almond trees (it will grow to about 15 ft.; it is currently about 5ft tall) Almonds are something my parrots cannot get enough of (although we are putting our birds on a diet since they have gotten a bit overweight....). and it already has some nuts growing!

on the right side, i have most of my non-edible plants - calla lily (bottom, back - near fence), chinese lily (i haven't seen it bloom yet, in front of calla), forsynthia (top, near fence - it was a brillant plant with yellow flowers when i bought it), and an unknown (the name is lost to me right now).

looking up on the right side, the almond tree is in the distance, as well as the flowers previously mentioned, and left is another unknown - i want to say blue button but i think that's wrong, and a gardenia on the right.

this is looking across the yard with my magnolia tree in the foreground. i want to plant this tree in our front yard, but that will mean digging through grass...i dont know.