Thursday, July 28, 2011

On Coming Back...

Hi, it has been a while...I was thinking about converting to Wordpress, but my laziness has been my hinderance in that migration project, so I think I will bring over my one (and only) post from over there to here later.

The vegetable garden is in the production business now...I am out there picking beans every day (and I swear I pick the almost-ready beans the previous day too!), the butternut squash is coming along nicely (this is my first season growing this, so it's exciting!), the apple and nectarine trees are near full of ripe fruits, the tomato plants are full of green tomatoes, and the zucchini plants...well, they are just doing their own thing and growing crazily, as they are known to do.

I've also got a few cucumber plants and they are growing well, but so far no cukes.

Oh, and I've harvested my first purple viking potatoes a few weeks ago...the next harvest will probably be this weekend. I have pictures that need posting, yes!

I have been working on another project for the past month - one that entails part of my front lawn. I'll post pics and more info about that later.

I just wanted to say that I am back to this blog and I'm hoping to be able to start posting more soon!

Take care.

PS: I have been updating my harvest numbers as often as needed, so if I don't post anything here, my harvest numbers will reflect the latest!