Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here is an update of my garden. These pictures were taken today (see the date/time stamp on this entry). besides these plants, i have also just planted some blue lake bush beans. we'll see how those turn out...

My nasturtium is in bloom - this plant is completely edible. I have not tried it myself, but I have put it in the birds' fresh food. there is a small sage plant to the left and on either side there are marigold plants.

the broccoli to the left is in full bloom. im hoping to get some seeds from this one. the one on the right is growing some smaller broccoli heads from various parts of the plant, so i am just leaving it till we get tired of broccoli. my strawberry plants are lined up in front. there are lots of strawberries developing on those 3 plants right now..i cant wait!

my carrots...they are almost ready to harvest.

red onion plants are up front, and yellow onion plants are behind it. they seem to be doing really well. we have been harvesting some of the greens and using them as regular green onions for garnish.

the next three are of my california poppy plant. there are soooo many blooms on it right now. unfortunately, these flowers only last a day or two and they drop their petals. these flowers are edible too!

my hibiscus plant. some leaves are turning yellow - not sure what it doesn't like. it could be the soil. i've been watering it well...maybe i have to back off of watering it - maybe its getting too much.

my sweet 100 tomato plants. they are in bloom now, and more are coming out soon. i can't wait to see the tomatoes! (i must have forgotten to take pictures of my grape tomatoes that i planted from seed. so far they are still alive, but much smaller than these. im hoping it gets a good boost soon.

my zucchini plants (there are 4 of them). i put my foot there to show scale. its rather huge...some of those leaves are bigger than my feet! i think i see some early flower buds near the base of all the plants, but i can't be sure until i see them bloom.

my soybean plants. growing well! you can see the sugar snap pea plants in front of the zucchini. they still seem to be growing, but if we get some scorcher days, i think they will be fried.

my japanese cucumber plants...

more sugar snap pea and japanese cucumber can see my small jalapeno plant in the background. it has a few blooms on it!

...and last but not least, my sugar baby watermelon plants. they are starting to grow their second "real" leaf. yay! (i still have 4 of them)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first (and largest) broccoli head I harvested. I have since harvested 95% of them and they came out really well. I let one flower out so that I can get some seeds.

My first carrot harvest. This is a smaller variety of carrot. The ends are rather twisted because of our clay-like soil. The other green in the picture are green onions.

my zucchini patch. its grown exponentially since I took this picture and I've removed the fencing around it. There are 4 plants total, but I think 2 will overtake the other 2 since they are so much bigger.

My soybean patch. They are growing quite well during our hot spell the last week. The sugar snap peas in the background are time I know to grow them in cooler months.

My watermelon patch. I have 4 growing in this area and I have 3 more seedlings in peat pots. I think I will give those away since I don't really have the room for 3 more watermelon plants (although, this is supposed to be a smaller variety (each fruit only weighing about 6 - 8 lbs.)

My almond tree. Some of the nuts have grown pretty big. I have to look up when to pick them...