Saturday, May 19, 2012

Short - Garlic Success!

I just wanted to report that I have pulled up 70 heads of garlic! Yeah!

Just a few notes:

Chet - my largest bulbs! Great sucess with these. Raw taste: medium, has a quick sharp garlic bite, but dies back quickly. Nice garlic to use raw. Cooked taste: coming soon...

Siberian / Music - my smallest bulbs. *sigh*

Siberian - Raw taste: coming soon...; Cooked taste: coming soon...

Music - Raw taste: strong garlic taste!; Cooked taste: milds out slightly but still rather potent!

Georgian Fire - These were my prettiest bulbs...all white, smooth bulbs (no bulging in different places due to large cloves). Raw taste: burns anywhere on the mouth it touches before sending its garlickly flavor; Cooked taste: milds out a lot.

Lorz - also pretty large bulbs! Raw taste: coming soon...; Cooked taste: coming soon...

I'll have to comment on the taste of each one later, but I think if I grow garlic again, it will have to be the softnecks for me.

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