Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Garlic Info

Chet's Italian Red Garlic
Softneck Artichoke type; 10 - 20 cloves per bulb; mild enough to eat raw.

Georgian Fire Garlic
Hardneck Porcelain type; 4 - 7 fat cloves per bulb; great strong garlic flavor.

Lorz Italian Garlic
Softneck Artichoke type; 12 - 19 cloves per bulb; more heat and better flavor than other artichoke types.

Music Garlic
Hardneck Porcelain type; 4 - 7 cloves per bulb; best varieties for consistent production; sweet taste when cooked; hot taste when eaten raw.

Siberian Garlic
Hardneck Purple Stripe type; 5 - 7 cloves; hot taste, good roasting garlic

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